Island Hemnskjel

On this Island (which is nowadays connected with a tunnel to the mainland) two coastal batteries, and the command post for the I./975 HKAR were errected.

Map of Hemnskjel

HKB 23./975 Hemnskjel Nord
HKB 21.976 Hemnskjel Süd
Gefechsstand Hemnskjel HKAR I./975

The coastal battery Hemnskjel Süd:

the battery was equipped with:

3 * 21 cm Mrs. (t) from 1941-43

and got 3 more guns then:

6 * 21 cm Mrs. (t) from 1943-45

Map of the HKB Hemnsjkel Süd:


01 - Vf SK Leitstand

02 - OB für 21 cm Mörser

03 - OB für 21 cm Mörser vermutet

04 - Vf Wohnunterstand

05 - Vf Küche

06 - Barackenfundament

view over the gun emplacements - located in the valley !

the fire control post

one of the gun-emplacements

a "Wohnbunker" - typical norway syle !

Tore Eggan allowed me to show one of the original pictures of his collection of this battery. The guns were moved to the emplacements. Also some pictures showing equipment used for towing and also some test-firering of the guns.

moving the gun from the harbou toward the emplacement (c) Tore Eggan !

the guncrew (c) Tore Eggan

another picture of the 21cm Mörser (t) (c) Tore Eggan

nice view of this gun ! (c) Tore Eggan

the same gun is today agian at the harbour at Hemnskjel !

shooting with the gun ! (c) Tore Eggan !

a french Ft 17 was used for towing ! note the "Balkenkreuz" (c) Tore Eggan !